Sharon Turner, LMT

Testimonials from Clients:

Fantastic Massages! By Rick and Margie Strader

My wife Margie and I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Sharon Turner as a person and massage therapist for over 25 years. We have found her to be caring, knowledgeable, and healing to us in the last quarter of a century. However, what Sharon does best is give fantastic massages!! During my travels I have seen many other massage therapists but none can match the expertise and experience of Ms. Turner. Her primary talent lies in her effective use of deep-tissue or neuro-muscular massage. She can work DEEP- if that is what you require. Sharon will always ask: "How's your body?" and adjust to your needs and wants. Simply put, I always look forward to my monthly appointments with Sharon because she is the best!

Experience and Kindness By Barb M.

I met Sharon Turner in 1986 when a friend suggested I see her for massage treatment on a sprained ankle and shoulder muscle tension. My friend said that I would love Sharon's massage technique and her personality. I did then, and I have now for over 25 years.

Sharon is very professional and devoted to her clients. She has taken care to create a treatment area in her home that is warm, comfortable and calming.

In addition to her obvious skill and experience, Sharon has a very generous spirit. She has shared her services with some who really needed help but didn't have the ability to pay. Always willing to help someone solve a problem or concern, she will research her considerable network of friends and associates to find a solution or resource to share. She has a heart of gold and is a generous giver. The combination of experience and kindness is priceless.

A God-send! By T.K.

I met Sharon 16 years ago, when I was going through a difficult pregnancy. I had a lot of round-the-clock pain this time with the weight of the baby, and Sharon was an absolute God-send! After a massage with Sharon, I was pain free for 8-12 hours. It helped me realize I could still be normal and would get back to normal after the baby arrived. Because I couldn't drive during this pregnancy, Sharon came to me. She did wonders for the bodily pain, and her gentle and kind personality did wonders for my anxiety levels during that time. I continue to see Sharon for massage, and so does my 15-year-old daughter! Sharon does a great job and I recommend her highly to anybody.

Awesome Massage Therapist! By B.L.S.

My experience with Sharon Turner is priceless in value. She can get the deeper muscles that relieves my stress especially in my shoulders and in my neck. After I leave, I feel like I have a new body. My tension and stress is gone after my massage and when I have had aches and pains in my muscles, Sharon can massage the problems out of my body completely. My daughter has also seen Sharon for panic and anxiety attacks and after a massage session she is calm and relaxed. My daughter could have sworn she was having a heart attack but it was all stress. When Sharon works on my feet I can sense and feel the calmness that it works on other parts of my body, especially in the inside of me too!!! I also have less constipation and I can see much better after the massage because of the lasting effects on the body.

Great Massage Therapist! By Y.K.

Sharon Turner is one of the best massage therapists that I've encountered in the Dayton area. She does great work with deep tissue massage which is what I need due to my occupation, which requires repetitive motion. She is also flexible enough to lighten up on the pressure for more sensitive/sore areas and gives you exactly what you need. She also has a calm wonderful yet professional tableside manner which puts people at ease. Highly recommended!

Caring and experienced therapist. By V.B.

I have been a client of Sharon's for almost 15 years. She has a gift for zeroing in on exactly the right spots that need her touch and healing. Being holistic, she provides a complete therapeutic experience that is a great source of stress relief. I count on my sessions with Sharon to keep me knot and tension free and they have become the most important part of my health and beauty regimen. I highly recommend a massage from her healing hands!!

What a blessing..... By V.F.

I have visited Ms. Turner for 5 years, sometimes on a regular basis, sometimes when desperate. My shoulder and neck have problems that have often kept me in pain for days. My chiropracter had sent me away saying I can't help you any further. My MD said he did not think surgery was the answer. I had decided it was a problem that I would be living with for the rest of my life. I am only 54, only 49 at that time. It was discouraging. I started going to Sharon and after 5 visits I felt improvement. It was good to have relief when I needed it and it always helps me to get her treatment. She is cooperative and flexible in scheduling. She is kind hearted and a caring individual. For my particular problem I have found it most helpful to have massage at least once a month, more often during heavier workouts like gardening season. She has half hour sessions that save me a little money and just take care of the particular problem, but the one hour full body sessions are wonderful. If you are not crazy about dogs you can see her at Bellbrook Massage Therapy.

Relief - By R.B.

After 40 years of sports and other accidents I am glad to have found Sharon, she has the knowledge and experience to keep me in the gym and on the golf course.